For those who have wondered what turned me into the warped and twisted individual I am today, below you will find a list of some of the hypnofetish scenes that have been my major influences over the decades. There are both movies and television shows, mainstream and porn films. With one or two excpetions, none of these were done specifically to tap into the MC fetish market. And as always, if you seriously want to do any of this in real life, you're an even bigger weirdo pervert than me.

Be aware that I am not saying that all of these films and programs are good. Far from it; some of them are horrifically bad, apart one or two golden moments of MC action. Still, if you like my work, you'll probably enjoy these, too.

Note that I am generally a fan of actual MCing scenes, and not post-hypnotic hijinks, so that's mostly what you'll see here. (Although as discussed below, said hijinks have an effect..)

I have included YouTubeish links where I can, but this is the Internet and things rapidly come and go. And yes, many of these links will not be very Not Safe For Work. And so, in a semi-significant order..


The gold standard. Tanya Roberts (RIP) gets put in a glass water-filled tank and is brainwashed while wearing a bikini, a moment I have revisted again and again in my drawings. Two lengthy-by-television-standards induction scenes, and a trio of previous victims appear wearing dresses clearly modeled on Roman slave-togas. Roberts was never any great shakes as an actress, but Eric Braeden's evil MCer John Rearden became the template for many of my own bad guys, sophisticated and polite with none of the ugly overt "stoopid bitches MUHAHAHA" misogyny that infests so many stories in our genre. Of course, there is absolutely no reason for Reardon to only use women in his MC scheme, and I'd like to think that he, or at least his nebbish assistant, got up to some extracurricular activity apart from their mainline murder-for-hire plan. (A few years previously, Braeden also played another MCer on an episode of Hawaii 5-0.)

Which leads to the fact that this episode came along at just the right moment in TV history, escaping from the complete overt campiness of the past, meaning there's a refreshing nod or two towards realism, and before.. I hate to use the loaded phrase "political correctness", but that's about as close as I can get.. came to the broadcast industry. For worse and, yes, for better, there will never be another episode like this made for American television/steaming. Or at least it won't be a woman in the tank.

Here is a fine collection of fetish-highlights from the episode, put together YouTubeite xunshang. Thanks to hir for the excellent work, and enjoy/save it while you can. The entire uncut episode is also available to purchase on iTunes for a small fee

The other, earlier, CA episode to deal with hypnosis, The Seance, is worth an honorable mention; the hypnosis is a little too insta-campy for my taste and the only other victim is an elderly woman, but Jacqualine Smith could act rings around Ms. Roberts, and does a nice bit where she walks/drives around entranced while barefoot and wearing a nightgown. And props to the MCer René Auberjonois, who amusingly switches from "solemn spiritualist" to "streetwise bunko artist" at the drop of a hat.


Jennifer gets brainwashed by a beauty-salon owner to steal jewelry from people. Yes, the owner is a woman, which is not something I do much in my own stuff, but it works well, with the actress Capuchine making another good MCer. (It's amusing how careful the script is to supply her with a Steady Boyfriend..) Again, a bit of realism is that the process takes time and involves Jennifer using "vitamins".. Showing how close to the edge these things cut, I particularly liked the scene where Jennifer shows she's so controlled she can be made to almost commit suicide. If she'd actually gone through with it.. ugh; this is what absolutely.. well.. kills the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Dead Things", which otherwise would have a place of pride on this list.


Mad scientist Boris Balkinoff uses the castaways to test his mind-control rings. The scene where Ginger reports to him in the cave is a classic; Tina Louise does a perfect little stop-click with her hips. Also nice that Balkinoff is allowed to express an awareness, however tentative, that he has an attractive woman under his complete control. (SMACK! Ah well. 90% complete... )


Boss Hogg has Daisy hypnotized as part of an inheritance scam. Borders on the edge of being too campy, but, hey, it's Catherine Bach sitting hypnotized and at attention in her jeans cut-offs, so I forgive them.


The alien-invasion miniseries, where Fay Grant's character gets put in the Conversion Chamber by the alien-lizard leader Diana. Probably cuts about as close to out-and-out torture as I'm willing to get, and it's another female MCer, but still one of my favorites. Nice skin-tight outfit.


The Disney animated series. Kim and Shego both get implanted with mind-controlling computer chips by Doctor Draken and turned into chipper zombies. Probably my favorite cartoon MC moment. The similarly-themed episode "Emotion Sickness" is pretty good as well (and intentionally funnier in a mainstream sense), although the control in that one is inadvertent.


Not one of my absolute favorites, but enough of a classic that it earns a listing here. The Scooby gang investigates the nefarious activities of a Ghost Clown at an abandoned circus, and the fellow turns out to be a expert hypnotist. The scene where the Clown gets to Daphne and turns her into a tutu-clad unicycle rider has influenced a lot of people over the years. The particular scene and the whole episode are both easily available on YouTube


My second-favorite cartoon clip, which demonstrates how irrational fetishes are, since the villain is a woman who wants to turn the world's male population into microdots and store them away on a computer. Still, "Medula" is the all-time-best MCing supervillain name, and there's some good "we obey" dialogue from Woman Woman and Jayna.


Speaking of superheroines, there's also the classic 70's series starring Lyndia Carter. She may not have been the greatest actress ever, but boy did she ever look the part. There were a few MCish episodes, but this one is the one I will always remember, if only for the short scene where Mr. Rule hangs out at his pool with his harem of musically-enslaved fan-gals. I do have to say to the casting people, though.. seriously.. choosing Martin Mull to play your charismatic rock star?


And speaking of MCing rockstar supervillains.. there's this episode from Sid and Marty Krofft's one-season wonder. John Mark Robinson may be sporting one of the most atrocious costumes in all of TV history, but at least he looks and acts the part with scenery-chewing enthusiasm. (He probably would have come a lot cheaper than Mr. Mull, too!) Features a good scene where he hypnos the two heroines into doing a zombie-walk.


Only a short scene towards the end of this 60's spy-spoof, but a good one, in which the viewer sees how the evil Galaxy organization creates its Pleasure Units, women turned into obedient sex-slaves. (Or as close as you could get to that concept in 60's mainstream cinema.) Probably the best-ever use of a hypno-spiral machine in said cinema, which I have often copied in my own drawings. If only it had been longer, and it had been Raquel Welsh as the featured victim, as was evidently considered at one point; Gila Golan was easy enough on the eyes, but sadly she has to join Tanya in the acting ranks..


The classic 60's flick, where a hypnotist entrances women who attend his stage performances, and then has fun with them before things turn ugly. As noted above, the only scene I can really enjoy in fetish terms is the one where the heroine gets put under, because she is saved before the final act. But that one scene is pretty good. Finally got a DVD release.


Oy. This is one of the bad ones, as the only thing worth seeing is the scene in question, and even that is campy in the extreme: Warwick Davies, dressed as an evil Leprechaun, pops up in a nightclub and busts some really lame rap rhymes. However.. he mentally enslaves three women while doing it, he's a creepy otherworldly horror, the victims are wearing sorta-uniforms, and they are three different types/ethnicities, which are all pluses. Handily, the whole thing is shown out of chronological order at the end of the film with the closing credits, so it's easy to find.


A very softcore porn flick from the 90s', in which two doofuses get their hands on mind-control helmet technology and use it on various women. It all plays like one of Daphne's Mind Control Theatre productions, only with less sex and roughly 50 times the budget. (Which is a compliment for both.) I particularly like how the female victims are made cheerfully obedient, but not turned into complete bimbos ("I told her she could use my special hair dryer because she's running a little late!") as I have never liked the idea of stupid or miserable slaves. Very rarely turns up in video clip collections, and so is worth seeking out.


A bottom-dredged porn flick from the 70s wherein a loser named Eddie finds a hypnosis book and uses it to turn his comely neighbor Nora into his personal sex-toy, then adds another neighbor to his harem. My favorite hard-core porn film. In fact, it's just about the only hard-core flick I've ever really enjoyed, as 95% of the time, I have no real interest in watching/depicting/writing about people actually having sex. But having Eddie spout his sleazy personal "philosophy" while his slavegirl silently gives him a blowjob.. for whatever reason, that works. Additionally, the anonymous actress playing Nora is really cute, and unlike the protagonist in most such movies, she doesn't come across as a slut-in-waiting from the moment go. (I mean, she refuses to have sex with Eddie until hypnoed!!) Amazingly, the writer(s) even took the trouble to learn a couple of hypnosis facts, which is highly appreciated. I've seen the long-lost third reel of the film, which has Eddie send Girl #2 over to one of his skeevy friends, which doesn't work out very well, and then Eddie himself gets what's coming to him. Nice that it still exists, but doesn't add much to the MC experience


Another porn "classic". Set in San Francisco, this is about a Tough Cop trying to bust a white-slavery ring. No overt hypnosis, but some decent moments where the kidnapped and drugged women are being trained in a stark warehouse-type room. The use of an endowed male mannequin adds some MCish flavor to some of the (numerous) sex scenes. The MCer is another Reardon type, although again it's a porn flick, so the acting.. eh.


Then there's this rather atypical skin-flick, which features surprisingly good production values and acting, and is about some female agent-types trying to bust another white-slavery ring. The villain again doesn't use hypnosis, exactly, but more "traditional" cult-brainwashing techniques to turn women into slaves. Worth seeing if you're in the mood for something a little more subtle than the usual fare, both in terms of MC and sex.


A creaky black-and-white flick with Bela Lugosi and John Carradine's talents being wasted as usual. Lots of white-robed female-zombie action, and includes a pretty good voodoo-summoning scene. For the moment, you can watch the whole thing on YouTube here.


Another bad one, and another one that wastes an actor's talents, in this case John Candy. (Poor John..) The nice thing about the MC in this "comedy" is that there's a little something for everyone, with a platoon of brainwashed female cult-members exercising in spandex, and Dixie Carter giving Candy's character the treatment. (I, obviously, focus on the former.) There's also a brief moment where Carter's character is.. influenced.. by the cult's male leader. If you happen across it, keep the fast-forward button handy.


And if you really want to dredge the bottom of the barrel, there are these two movies. I list them together because along with their lack of quality, they both feature Donald Pleasence gamely earning his paycheck portraying the villain of the piece. The Pumaman was made infamous by appearing on Mystery Science Theater 3000; in it, Pleasance uses a golden mask-artifact to MC the blonde heroine a couple-three times before being defeated by the eponymous "superhero" and his far more impressive mentor. There's a nice moment where she's seen standing blank-faced on a stairway landing, awaiting orders. (Note that the MST3000 version might be the easiest to find, and along with the funny but mood-killing jokes, they edited it for length.)

With Warrior of the Lost World (also a MST3000 subject), you'll want to keep that Fast-Forward button even more handy; Pleasance plays a post-apocalyptic dictator opposed by a band of rebels, and most the film is lame car/motorbike/battlewagon "action" with lots of explosions. Pleasance does capture the heroine again, this time played by Indian actress Persis Khambatta, and you get a brief but good scene where she's been strapped a glowing white slab which he uses to brainwash her. And you get to see her in her final mentally-robotized state. The movie ends with a set-up for a sequel, which sadly or mercifully was never made.


A weird but enjoyable mainstream flick involving television subliminals and a light-gun that brain-locks the target for several minutes. Most of the action revolves around the latter, but there is one good scene where Susan Dey's character is hypnotized by some of the subliminals while watching ads on a TV in a test-lab. If I had made the film, I would have shot an epilogue after the bad guys were defeated, showing her buying Warrior Floor-Cleaner in the supermarket..


Another film that's pretty good in mainstream terms, although it too features plenty of weirdness. Definitely one of director John Carpenter's better efforts. The MC involves an ancient Chinese wizard hypnoing two women, planning to use them in a ceremony to regain his full corporal form. A rare example of a live-action flick where the last-stage mind-control leads to all-white eyes in the victim. (Gotta have the budget to splurge for those special contacts, I suppose..)


The iconic 60's British spy-series, not the comic book/movie juggernaut franchise. Many uses of MC, naturally, but my two favorite are "The Return of the Cybernauts", where Emma Peel/Diana Rigg is robotized, and "Love Me Not", where Tara King/Lynda Thorson is made to fall in love via subliminal messages in a book.

Another spy-show episode that never really pushed my personal buttons, but still deserves mention here is the Man From UNCLE episode "Her Master's Voice Affair"; could be that the victims are a little on the young side, and the viewer doesn't see the actual MCing, just the aftermath.


This early-nineties syndicated schlockfest featured several MCish plots. The two I most enjoyed were "Made For Each Other", where a (female) professor turns her (female) students into programmable black widows, and "Yo Superforce", in which a crazed (male) carnival booth-operator collects beautiful women and used a suspended-animation machine to create his own private museum, with the women neatly arranged on display stands. Impressive statue-work by the female extras in the latter.


Unsurprisingly, there is a thriving hypnofetish scene in Japan. My personal kinks tend to steer me away from most of it, but one I enjoyed is Survive Girls 2, which has a woman who has fallen under the spell of the hypnotist she visited, and is the subject of various experiments. Sadly rather disjointed plotwise, but I suspect that was quite intentional. The first scene, where she is switched "off and on" with clapping is a particular favorite. Available in the US from Amazon and other sources.

Naked Poison is a film from Hong Kong about a skeevy guy who inherits his elderly grandfather's medicine/poison shop after the latter finally croaks, and proceeds to use the various products to go on a rampage of revenge against those who he feels slighted him. He uses some of the stuff to stimulate women into having sex with him, with the end result being (for me) the movie's high point, a scene where he's keeping his female neighbor as a naked slave under his bed; she crawls out when summoned and licks a dose of the drug off his palm. Things after that get gorey rather than sexy. The film was released on DVD, but isn't readily available anymore through legal channels; I was able to scrounge an all-Region copy off of eBay. There's also a "Naked Poison 2", which appears to be just a cash-in title and not a real sequel.

With some of the more obscure stuff, the title names don't translate well, but using the ubiquitous product number codes, two that I like are Rocket's RCTD-14, where a cackling perv uses a hypno-app on his Handheld Device to torment two gals working in a convience store, along with various other visitors, and Soft Demand's SDDE-555, where a male hospital minion gets his hands on a magic notebook that lets him control a female doctor, two nurses, and (evidently) a visiting reporter. Lots of pervy MC weirdness in both of them, not always directly involving sex.


Two Vincent Price movies from the 60's: "..And The Bikini Machine", "..And the Girl Bombs." Female robots rather than hypnosis, but obedient women wearing (surprisingly well-designed) bikinis/uniforms, and it's close enough for me. If you ever get the chance, check out the Italian-language version of DGATGB which is quite different than the English version. Price as always gives it his all, and especially in the second film, is the only good thing besides the fembots and costumes.


The classic fantasy film with Tony Randell turning in not one but seven epic performances; unlike many items on this list, well worth watching for its mainstream merits. No MC per se, but earns a place on this list with the scene where Randell's Pan uses his pipes to get Barbara Eden's repressed librarian character all hot and bothered, and sends her lusting (in a PG sort of way) after her previously-rebuffed local suitor.

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