So who am I?

I am a hypnofetishist. This means I derive a certain enjoyment from reading, viewing and/or creating fantasy scenes involving hypnosis and mind control, scenes which often feature no overt sexual content whatsoever.

If you aren't a hypnofetishist, there is probably nothing here that will interest you, and I cordially suggest you go elsewhere. If you think this makes me a sick evil pervert, who knows; maybe you are right and someday God will plunge me into the Fiery Pit.

If you seriously want to perform any of the acts depicted on these pages in real life, I would tactfully suggest that you are showing signs of becoming a sick misogynistic pervert, and you should immediately seek some therapy. (Unless you happen to find someone willing to engage in a little consensual role-playing, in which case go for it, you lucky dog...)

Real-life hypnosis does not work as depicted on this site; if you want info about the real thing, you could go to this website. If you want more general information on hypnofetishism and related topics, try this site.

If you want to know something about me besides the fact that I'm a hypnofetishist and live on the west coast of the United States, well, I'm sorry, but that's none of your business. All of that said...

What is this site about?

I enjoy writing hypnosis-induction stories, and drawing hypnosis scenes with a computer art program.

The technical specs

This site should be viewable if you're using any Windows-based webbrowser, although to get the full design effect you will need one that is capable of using Cascading Style Sheets. If you're seeing an ugly black and white page, you need to upgrade; some of the more popular alternatives to the Evil Empire are Mozilla, Avant and Opera. They all work here, and all have their advocates. If you are a UNIX or Mac user, I'm afraid there are no guarantees.

In some places I use a font called "Century Gothic". I'm not sure about copyrights, so I'm not going to post the relevant .ttf file. However, if you come across a copy, you might want to add it to your computer so you can see what the site is supposed to look like. The backup font is good ol' reliable Arial.

And the fine print...

Since for some unfathomable reason people tend to get violently bent out of shape about this sort of thing, all of the pictures and writing on these pages are more-or-less PG-rated, at least in the traditional 'expose the taboo body parts/use the naughty words' sense. If you need more explicitness in your life, you can visit this site which features some of my more explicit writings. (Which are still pretty tame by Internet standards)

Please note that the drawings and stories on this site almost exclusively feature women being the victims of male hypnotists or mind controllers. Sorry to all you male sub/femdom fans out there, but that just don't float my boat. If such things keep your vessel on top of the water, you may want to go check out this site or this site.

Certain hypnosis and mind control scenes on TV and in movies have always struck a chord in me, and as a result many of my drawings end up being homages/rip-offs/improvements of those scenes. If you're a seasoned hypnofetishist, I imagine you'll know them when you see them.

I'm always open to suggestions, so be sure and send me any ideas or feedback you may have via e-mail to HYPNOVOYER @ HOTMAIL.COM.

I also maintain a marginally comprehensive listing of hypnofetishist material that is scheduled to be aired on American cable television during the coming week, along with a collection of hypnofetish webpage links. (Somewhat depressingly, this last page is far and away the most-visited on the site.) Whatever your fancy, click on the choices listed below to explore...

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